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Where are we?
Where are the ones in our lives?
We're lost in this world with mistakes we can't hide,
This is the point where we fight to survive,
Our future is what we will have to define.

We all ask ourselves,
Why we live with no direction,
The voices in our heads tell us not to question.

Its time that we begin,
To discover what lies within,
Don't be deceived by the flaws you have seen.

As we begin to understand our purpose to life,
We search for the truth deep in our veins,
We'll break our chains,
This prison is our own adversary,
Never give up until you find the key,
Open the gates, we will break free.

Through smoke and sleepless nights,
Through the fog and bitter cold,
I am finally awake, after a life of misery.

I was lost, astray from me,
I had my life to lead.
I never thought I'd find myself in this sea,
A sea of misery.

Now the tables are turned,
I guess I've found myself,
To the ones who pulled me down,
Your words, they don't mean a thing to me,
I have been unearthed,
I have been unearthed.

You will never discover,
Keep digging deeper,
Until you find out who you really are,
For there is so much more,
That lies right inside your soul.

We're lost in this world,
For far too long.


from Lycan, released August 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Lycan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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