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The end has come, it’s finally here,
Our dreaded dreams, reality,
The final hour is near,
My nightmares roam while I'm awake.
There's no turning back,
There's only one place left to go,
Take me away, take me away,
I will not die in this place.

The world of men will fall,
Their thoughts condemn them all.

What makes you think we're all yours now,
Definitely god to us you are but no longer,
Not a thing that you can do to change it, again and again,
For the world is now only against one,
Mankind is not going to fall,
Not gonna crumble or burn or succumb to you at all,
We aren't the weaklings that you take us for,
So take a step back, don't ever come back,
We won't leave this place without a fight,
(I won't leave),
This place of desolacy,
Rather than standing weak.

My life is mine to keep,
Don't try and take it,
God of death, angel of mercy,
I will kill those who oppose me.

Don't even try to escape your fate,
Everything has been written none can be changed,
Face all the consequences,
That you have put upon yourself,
(Upon yourself),
Now theres no turning back.

What does this mean? What is all this that is happening,
I had never imagined that we would end up like this.


from Lycan, released August 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Lycan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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